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KIHO USA INC. is a waterworks supply industry supplier located in the Southern part of California. We are growing to become one of the largest single sources for pipe supplies for underground water, sewer, drain line and industrial systems by providing customers with high-quality products and distinctly personalized service.

With our base in California state and new and expanding markets in Asia and Africa, weve supplied customers and contractors in the construction industry with timely access to reliable product for over 15 years.

Our lines of trades of water pipe includes ductile iron pipe, mechanical joint fittings, flange pipe and fittings, PVC pipe and fittings, fire hydrants, valves, tapping sleeves and tapping valves, valve boxes, meters, couplings, saddles and more.


Our vast sewer and drainage pipe trade includes corrugated pipe and fittings & PVC sewer pipe and fittings.
KIHO USA INC provides products for new water and sewer construction as well as products for maintenance and repair of existing water and sewer systems to municipalities and contractors in Africa and Asia.

Today, KIHO USA INC.s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service has made it the number one choice for many municipalities and contractors in Asia and Africa.


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