List of major Pipeline Products
  • AWWA C900 / C905 , ASTM SCH 40 / 80 PVC PIPES
  • Gravity Sewer Pipe ASTM D3034 SDR35 / SDR36, ASTM F679 PS46 and PS115
  • CPVC Pipe ASTM D1784
  • AWWA Ductile Iron Pipes(MJ, Push on Joint, Tyton Joints)
  • AWWA C153 and AWWA C110 MJ ductile iron fittings, push-on ductile iron fittings, flanged ductile iron fittings, valve boxes, UL/FM
  • AWWA C509 UL FM NRS gate valves, AWWA C515 UL FM resilient gate valves, AWWA C502 UL FM dry barrel fire hydrants and C503 wet barrel fire hydrants, indicator post valves, AWWA C500 double disc gate valves, in-plant valves, UL FM OS&Y gate valves, UL FM NRS gate valves, UL FM dry barrel fire hydrants, UL FM wet barrel Fire hydrants, UL FM indicator post valves, ductile iron tapping sleeves
  • AWWA C504 butterfly valves, AWWA C508 check valves, Swingflex & SurgeBuster check valves, eccentric plug valves, AWWA C512 air valves, AWWA C507 ball valves, silent check valves, wafer check valves, foot valves, UL FM wafer check valves, UL FM air release valves, FM silent check valves
  • Diaphragm control valves, pressure reducing valves, surge anticipator valves, pump control valves, altitude valves, pressure relief valves, float valves, UL FM relief valves, fuel control valves, UL approved diaphragm control valves for fire protection service: UL pressure relief valves, UL pressure reducing valves, UL deluge valves, UL FM direct acting relief valves, sea water fire protection valves
  • AWWA C219 Coupling Heavy cast ductile iron, steel
  • AWWA C221 Expansion Joints
  • AWWA C223 Tapping Sleeves
  • AWWA C800 Service Saddles
  • Basic Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Water Savings, Electronic Control Valves, Solenoid Control Valves, Controls and Accessories, Altitude and Level Control Valves, Pump Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Air Valves , Check Valves
  • Grooved Piping System for Fire Protection

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